Autumn is coming…

Being a natural night owl

Being a natural night owl I often marvel at my ability to awaken at the break of dawn. I have to say the summer makes it a helluva lot easier than the pitch black freezing welcome of a winter morn, but between you and me, even then it’s pretty hard.And, guess what, winters not actually that far away. Even now as we are living through the last of the summer heat wave I have noticed it’s not quite fully light when my alarm yells at me at 5am. The other day as I was going down the escalator to the overground I noticed that instead of the usual paper cups and fluff flotsam that gathers around the entrances it was actual autumnal coloured crispy orange leaves! How. Did. That. Happen?

Arguably the shortest of the seasons, Autumn, for me, is like a romantic mini break. A beautiful way to  ease us into the brutality that is a British winter. And it is the most brutal at 5am on a Monday morning. Let me tell you. It’s a really good job I love what I do!

Autumn is a lovely season in which to get married. So many rich, vibrant colours to play with. So many textures and shades, flavours and choice. We have rounded up some wonderful ideas to help you plan the most exquisite of weddings below:



Rich and beautiful dahlias, purple blooms, extravagant orchids, prickly blue sea holly thistles, romantic satiny roses, and voluptuous hydrangeas are all perfect autumn flowers.

gold-bronze-orange-dahlias874668-purple-chrysanthemums Phalaenopsis yellow red stripe x hybrid Orchid flower bloom seaholly tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640tumblr_static_tumblr_static_6z41n44dnm4osg8cs04g0g84w_640



Creating an added level of that typical autumn feel, the crispiness of the leaves falling over head, the hard chocolate browns of the conkers, the rich blackberry and apple favours; autumn is perfect to add some extra theatrics to wedding displays.

2conker close up 1 6a00e54fc42bb88834019affa50484970b-500wi acorn-1013486_960_720 autumn-oak-leaves Blackberriesgourds



Creating glam in a world full of autumn; go for metallic shades of bronze and gold mixed with rustic vibes from twine and hessian. Or choose cast iron pots or urns to set off the oranges and reds of the flowers.

9473531-Close-up-of-natural-burlap-hessian-sacking-Background-texture-using-burlap-material--Stock-Photo 6127537096_630787a494_b Brandon-Thatchers-rope-twine-cord-coir-straw M_Cast-Iron-g


Whether or not you are getting married this autumn we wish you a wonderful one!Love,

Amelia x

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