‘I must have flowers, always!’ (Claude Monet)

Claude Monet

Claude Monet, arguably one of the greatest painters of gardens of all time. Once said that he owed his paintings to flowers… Often the inspiration for artists and given as tokens of love or success. Flowers naturally lift the spirits and calm the soul.


This is why having flowers in your workplace. Be it an office in a basement or a bright and airy loft conversion, a small cafe on Brick Lane or a chain of busy high-end restaurants. It helps to not only entice customers inside but also acts as a great way of transcending your companies ethos.

Choosing the right design for your space is crucial. Lots of foliage and pretty pastel colours work fantastically in a stylised vase. Sitting atop a high work bench to greet customers on arrival. Whereas a small globe vase full of prickly thistles and tropical plants in a traditonal setting may confuse the eye and communicate the wrong message.

When you think about the flowers you want to use in your workplace it helps to choose a florist based on their portfolio of images, check out their website but also their instagram and facebook pages for day to day jobs that may not feature on their full site. Once you have an idea of the style of florist you like, have them come to visit you at work so they can get an idea of the space, the colour schemes and the general atmosphere. They can then suggest flower types, vases and details of refresh.

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Things to consider when looking for contract flowers

There are certain things to consider when looking for contract flowers these are:

  • Temperature – if you want flowers in an entrance that blasts out heating in the winter or in a restaurant with an open kitchen that gets pretty hot you may need to consider that certain flowers will not last the full week. A refresh day half way through the week or just before the weekend would work well to spruce up any dying flowers but this will need to be factored into the costings. Certain flowers can last a full week but they are limited and it will mean the flowers may not change too much each week
  • Delivery – When do you want your flowers to look their best? If you are open Monday through to Friday a Monday morning delivery would be best suited, however, this is likely to be the same for a few other businesses and not everyone can have their flowers delivered at 9am on a Monday morning (especially in London traffic). It may be worth looking into getting a key cut for the florist who can arrive before 9am or even during the weekend
  • Colour – Some colours will not work with others, pastels in a neon environment will confuse the eye as will bright colours in a traditional setting although these do work well if you have a quirky decor or company ethos. Your florist can help guide you on this.
  • Allergies – Some people have allergic reactions to some flowers, lilies in particular have a very strong scent and if put on a reception desk close to someone all day long they can cause headaches or worse. No one wants a sniffly receptionist!

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Another thing to consider

Another thing to consider is outside planters, flowers make a wonderful welcome to soften an entrance or create drama depending on your establishment. Many florists can offer help with planting outside plants or indoor pots.

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All in all flowers can improve workplace motivation, they’re aesthetically pleasing and can help to entice customers back. They brighten a place and a mood and should definitely be considered when planning your interior designs!

Here at Ricky Paul Flowers we offer weekly contract flowers to a variety of businesses, including outside planters, upkeep and refresh. For more information on our corporate clients and prices click here!

Have a wonderful day!


The Ricky Paul Flowers Team xx

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